Friday, 21 May 2010

Stephen Hawking: How to build a time machine

The post I'm writing today is a contribution of your chemistry teacher Silvia. I suggested she should write the post herself as a guest author (I know her English is very good)... but you know what head of studies are like... busy people!

So here is is the link she sent me to this amazing article written by Stephen Hawking. The article is about how to travel in time:  Stephen Hawking: How to build a time machine.

I think it will be very rewarding for you to see that you can read an article by Stephen Hawking and understand most of it! The article is not short, so take your time to enjoy it and absorb it fully.  

Have fun!

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vladimir said...

I´ve read it! It´s a very brave affirmation. And more and more this person surprises me. And in theory it´s true and could be. If we reach light-speed we would be able to travel in time. And this example with train and a girl shows us that it is possible. That the time in the train is different that in the street where the girl runs. So we have onle to wait!!!