Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The smoking law in Spain

The smoking law in Spain was changed a few years ago. Now people can't smoke indoors unless it's authorized in that zone. Personally, I think the law should be more strict because people don't respect it.

Firstly, smoking is extremely bad for you, it's a drug. I don't understand why we have a strict law with drugs, but not for smoking. The law (conforms with) forbids smoking indoors, but if someone smokes there, he doesn't have a punishment. For this reason, a lot of people smoke in front os people who don't smoke and they don't care. For me, this is outrageous! I always say: "It's okay if you want to kill you, but you don't kill me. I want to live!"

In addition, the smoke is so annoying, since it causes clothing and buildings to smell, and is very defficult to remove. What's more, it's dangerous for our lives. Besides the cancers that causes, it many cause fire and born woods or a building. As a result, it can kill many people or cause irreparable damage.

As I see it, smoke is an addiction, and for the people who have an addiction it's easier to become addicted to other things. Therefore, we need to avoid that people start to avoid other addictions.

As far as I am concerned, as a non-smoker person, the law should be strict for the sake of the persons, especially for the non-smoker persons. And the people who smoke should make the effert to make sure the people arround them don't care if they smoke. If not so, they try to find a fair solution, always respecting their desicion to live healthy, or at least the best they can.

In conclusion, everything is based on the respect for others. And law must be to support this idea, if someone doesn't comply it.

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