Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Smoking Law in Spain

Nowadays a lot of people all over the world are smokers. This habit is one of the worst there is since th snuff is just a legalized drug. Therefore, countries like Spain have decided to do somethinh against the high level of smoking.
From 1st January 2006, Spain prohibited smoking at the workplace. For bars and restaurants that are larger than 100 m^2, the law allows the creation of separate smoking rooms. For bars and restaurants that are smaller than 100m^2 (and this is the vast majority of cases), the legislation offers the bar owner the possibility of going smokefree. If the bar or restaurant does not go smokefree, it means that customers under 18 years old would not be allowed in that bar. However, compared to other European countries, where smoking in the workplace is banned altogether (Ireland, Sweden and Norway), the Spanish legislation is weak and confusing. Consequently, smoking will be banned in every indoor public place, including bars, clubs and restaurants before the end of 2010 in Spain.
As far as I am concerned, I quite promptly let this law I think the smoking ban is beneficial for everyone. This law makes it difficult for smokers to run his vice because they must go outside if they want to smoke in the workplace or in public places, which at several times due to laziness and just giving unconsciously are encourages to smoke less or quit altogether.
It's also an advantage for non-smokers because we breathe the smoke of smokers, and, personally, I hate the mell of snuff is me hooked on my clothes and hair, when going to the bar.
It's also an aid for people who are trying to quit smoking because they don't see other people smoking, at least in closed places, helps them forget about smoking.
Finally, besides that it looks good, I think it's the only thing we can do. We have seen that to divide local areas has been a failure, almost no one has done it, for me the best thing is to cut for the healthy.

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