Sunday, 30 May 2010


Freinds is an american sitcom created by David Crane nad Marta Kauffman, which ran on NBC from Semptember 22th, 1994 to May 6th, 2004, and in Spain ran on Cuatro from 2005 to 2007. The series revolves around a group of friends in the area of Manhattan, New York City: six young people on yheir own and struggling to survive in the real world, find the comprensionship, compfort and support rhey get from each other.

A popular schoolgirl in the past, is now a spoiled brat living off her parent's income. In an attempt to start a new life after running out on her weeding, she shares an apartament with an old best friend Monica Geller, and eventually the be friends of the other four and Monica's brother, Ross. Monica Geller is a compulsive neat freak, who has trouble with overweight. However, now a head-chef at a top restaurant in Manhattan, she has lost all her excessive weight, and just wants to start a family with "the right guy" to complete a happy life. Ross Geller has always had strong love feelings for Rachel. A successful professor of science leads him to be often teased by the other five friends about his profession. Ross has experienced many misfortunes in life, including three divorces and bringing up a child with his lesbian ex-wife. Ross now is devotes to finding a girl to settle down with, without a divorce, and makes it his personal goal to share happiness with Rachel. Phoebe Buffay was brought up as a fatherless child, she is a ditzy yet loveable hippy, who has became a personal masseuse. Despite liking her profession, her dream is to become a star in the music industry and bases her songs on her life experiences. The other five friends secretly believe that Phoebe will never make it, but still encourage her to write. Phoebe often perfoms at the "Central Perk" coffe house (one of the main stages of the series), and strongly believes in herself. Chandler Bing is a financially securate data processor, who relies on humor as a defens mechanism. Despite being rich, the other five have no idea what his profession is, and Chandler is a wimpy, average looking cigarette addict, who has never had a serious relationship. Besides, his parents are divorced because his father had the chauffer like a lover, and later became a woman and began working in a cabaret. Joey Tribianni, despite being also roommate. Joey is a small time actor, who desperately wants fame and fortune, and Chandler has high expectations of Joey, so helps Joey with money for acting lessons and professional photographs. Despite being a relatively bad actor, Joey is an adorable, sensitive guy and fairly silly, who is very successful with women, but needs to become famous and rich to complete his successful life.
All in all, I'd recommend this sitcom because it's an extremely funny series. Besides, it shows everyday life situations and how to address problems with humor and desire. What's more, it is a very honest series that makes you see that someone is always wors yhan you. Personally, I think that "Friends" is one of the best series of the history of TV. It's a Side Splitting Series, with emotion and drama. Definitely one to wath! It's a must!

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