Tuesday, 11 May 2010

" Sorry If I call you love "

Sorry if I call you love is written by Federico Moccia. It is a love story between a 37 years old man and a teenager girl. Alessandro works as a publicist. When he met Nicky he had recently broken up with his girlfriend, she abandoned him. Nicky his 17 years old and she is studying her last year in high school.

One day While she was going to school with her motorbike Alessandro crashed with his car. Fortunately in this accident no one was injured, but a love was born between two people from different worlds and different ages. Although her parents did not agree that her boyfriend is too old, but they accepted their relationship.

They lived a beautiful love story until it appeared his ex-grilfriend , Alessandro began to doubt and he that he loved Nicky and finally they started to live together in a lighthouse because it was their dream.

Personally, I think it is a good book because it is very interesting it has adventure, fun moments and romance. Besides the book, there is a film which is also very good. The moral of this story is: If there is love, age doesn't matter.


nona said...

Hi! I'm Ainhoa. I love this book. I read all Federico's books and my favourite is "Sorry if I call you love".
I bought the second part " Sorry if I want to marry with you" and I want to read it when I have time...
I'm happy to know more people who love books like me :)

Malika said...

Ohhhh!! I love too this book, I have read "three metres above the sky", It's fantastic. I want read "Sorry if I call you love" because I watched the film, the film it's ok!
I recommend this book to all people who like read.

cialis said...

In principle, a good happen, support the views of the author

Juli said...

Hey. Does this book exist in English?