Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Twins on movies and TV shows

A lot of times when you see a kid in a movie or in a tv show, actually you are seeing two kids playing the same character. This is the case of the Olsen twins, who played Michelle on the show Full House (Padres forzosos).
This happens a lot of times, because there is a strict law about the children work.
I want to share this video with you, where there are more cases like the Olsen Twins.
The song is "Identical Twins" by Olsen Twins.

I hope you like it!


Sònia Turmo said...

Thanks for sharing the this sweet video! and thanks for the subtitles. You did a good job!

nona said...

Hi! I'm Ainhoa. I study in I.E.S Barrio Loranca. My class have a English blog and our teacher tell us that your blog is good.

I read your post and I like them. I don't know that the baby who appear in "Meet the Fockers" are really two!
I know Olsen and Sprouse twins. I like your post.

Mireia said...

Yeah, Olsen and Sprouse twins are the most famous, but there are a lot of more.
I don't know if you saw "Kindergarten cop" (Poli de guarderia), but the kid are two too.

I'm glad you liked it!

And thank you for pass for the blog and comment!