Saturday, 16 October 2010

A first date

My first date was at night. It was pretty exciting!
But I think I felt more nervous than excited.
It was my first date and I didn't know what to expect.
we went to dinner at a Mexican restauran at ten o'clock. I arrived first and I waited about 20minutes.
He arrrived late because he was buying a present.
And finally arrived! You can't imagine how nervous I was.

After that dinner, we went for a walk and a young man took a photo. I felt very especial! I started to apologize again for geing late and then he told me to give him a minute because he would bring me a present. Whith in a few minutees, he come and approached me. He said he had spent a wonderful evening at my side and hoped than it wasn't the last time we went out together. He said than he liked me. From the first day I saw I couldn't get him out of my mined. He had given me a present and two cards. He grabbed me and kissed me.
He thanked me again for agreeing to go out with him.

It was so romantic! I'll never forget that he was respectful and kised to me.
I had a great time!

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