Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Creative Commons licence

You may have noticed that I have recently published on the left side column of the blog a Creative Commons licence to our posts.

This is important to make clear the intention of the authors regarding intellectual property and to promote the sharing of resources, a free and vibrant culture. I sincerely believe that copyright is one of the great issues of our time.

I was specially thinking about Mireia's creative work in her videos where she puts together a bunch of nice pictures to illustrate a song or writes the subtitles in English and Spanish to some nice videos. I wouldn't be surprised if other teachers and students may want to reuse and share them on other sites, which is fair enough I think, as long as they give credit to the original author and do not make money with it.

There are many licences you can choose from. I have chosen the following licence. Click on the link to see the details.

Creative Commons Licence

If you are not cool on that you can always include a more restricted licence at the bottom of your posts.

I have seen that our blogger classmate Carlos also uses the same licence in his blog animax.

If you want to learn more about what Creative Commons is, I advice you to watch the following explanatory video (here you have the English and Spanish version of the video).

Do you think it is a good thing the whole idea of the Creative Commons?

If you would like to watch it again in Spanish, click on the video below.



Mireia said...

I'm ok with that. I think that the video explain the idea so clearly.

I'm agree with the licence that you chose. Because I spend a lot of time making my videos for people could enjoy and learn seeing them, and If someone want to share them in other sites I will feel flattered, because that mean that they liked it. But it's truth that I want that If someone do that, say that I made this video, because it's a hard work.

See u!

Nariman said...

I also agree with the creation of creative commons because before it was so difficult to do any work. You needed a permission of the author to use anything and it was very difficult to achieve. Besides, that all rights were reserver severely limited the use of creations: view a video in class was forbidden and it seems to me so excessive.

Carmen said...

The video is interesting.
Is very well explained, and I think he's right.
When one is creative... do things only with the imagination...
If you have to ask permission and do not know, you can get into trouble.
So the CC is a good idea!