Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Do you like living in a house like this?

Are you very stressed? Are you tired of your life? So, probably you hope to have a holiday. There is a ideal house where you will make the most of your holiday.

This is a detached house that is perfectly situated in one suburbs which is very quiet and there's not any noisy. There is a lot of shops, but it's convenient to live. Also the people are really friendly and warm.

The house is spacious. It was two bedrooms with a comfortable double-bed, a nice chest of drawers and a superb balcony. The bathroom has a spa bath which makes your body really relaxed. In addition, the kitchen is where you can do your favourite food, there is every kitchen appliance that you need, for exemple, mocrowave, furnace, ect. If you don't feel like cooking, no problem, there's a perfect restaurant situated a fifteen-minute walk from the centre. The living room is quite spacious with a nice coffe-table, two very comfortable armchair and a great TV. Moreover, there is Internet, with your computer you keep the communication with your friends. The house has quite big terrace and at night you can see a breathtaking sky with infinite stars, you will feel that is not real!!

This is a magnificent house. Is ideal for one person, couples or friends. The price is very economic! Don't lose this huge chance!!

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