Monday, 1 November 2010

My first date...

I'm very nervous, there is only one hour for him to pick me up.I'm excited because it's my first date, I hope it's memorable.
The doorbell rings, is it him ? very punctual I think. As he approched, I could feel the soft fragance to dislodge his skin. He took my hand and we went to his car. During the journey, we listened to a song that I like "Need you now", I love it. Getting out of the car, I adjusted my red dress while he was smiling at me a little nervous and cheeky. We were on a beautiful beach, illuminated by the moonlight. In the background, at the end of the bridge I saw a small table with candles, and he said:"Will you follow we?"
A well decorated table, with a tasty dish of Balognase spaghettis waited fot us. The dinner was ideal:we talked, we looked at each other, laughted and shared magic moments.How quickly the time went by, it was late we had to go back. We began to walk towards his car. This time they played a lively song, he was funny as always and began to sing himself.
We got to my porter's lodge while I was looking for my keys, I heard a noise. I turned round he, in a shy way approched and handed me a red rose. I hope you've enjoyed it, he said and with a simple kiss on the check he said goodbye.
I'm in my house and I think every second about what leved. I can't believe it! It was a perfect evening.

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