Thursday, 2 December 2010

The competiton between Spanish TV channels.

Lately, two of the most important TV channels in Spain have started a war for the audience. They take it so seriously, that they don’t even care to pay a penalty to change the schedule. Personally, I think that this is stupid. Doing this, they just get people confused, and those people don't watch anything because they don't know what is on TV now.

Firstly, TV is for entertainment, not to make people get stressed because they have to be all the time trying to find out what is on TV tonight, or how they can do it to watch their two favourites programs that now are emitted on the same day.

At first, channels just took care to put a new programme the day that it could compete with the programme from the other channel. But now, this has become a total obsession. For example, the channel Telecinco, changed the broadcast programme the day before so as to compete with the other channel.

Secondly, and for me the most worrying, channels try to make new programs like programs that have more viewers on the other channel. The bad thing is that the programs with more viewers are the “heart” programs. In these programs there are "journalists" talking about people's personal life, who sometimes go there voluntarily and earn money to talk about their own life.

As I see it, they should be ashamed because they just make trash TV and that is making kids irrespectful to the other people.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm so tired to see every day the same programs, programs that I hate actually, and see that there isn’t anybody who does something to change that, except one or two programs that in fact have even been denounced by those channels. We have to make something to change it.

In conclusion, TV channels are only concerned to make more and more money, and they forget that there are things more important like being a good example for kids.

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