Friday, 10 December 2010

My Ideal Home

The house where I live now, it's not very large, but it's comfortable, welcoming, I have everything that I need and it's my home, but of course it is never enough.

When I have my own home, I would have a normal house, not too big, not very small, normal size, It should have 3 rooms, one for me, one for guests and the last would be my place of work or study, also a living / dining room, a kitchen, a washing room and, of course, the bathroom.

The location, I wish it were in constant contact with society and the city. Close to all necessary places, supermarkets, clinics, shopping centers, public transport, etc. Because, if I need something urgent, or go somewhere, I have all that I want near me.

In addition to a good location in the city, it would also be great if the house was close to my workplace. I would not spend money on public transport or fuel (if I have car).

Furthermore, for me, my ideal home would be a place with everything you need close, but it is clear, if I want to relax and have fun it would be better the mountains or the beach. To live, I'd be much better in the city.

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