Friday, 10 December 2010

My opinion about FaceBook

The social networking world is getting bigger, actually, each time everything is being computerized and everything is shared online; photos, music, videos, etc.

FaceBook is one of the most popular social networking, along with Twitter, but each has different aspects that stand out. FaceBook, its purpose was to share your pictures with your friends, so that they could comment on your pictures. With the growth of this great FB company, has also grown and evolved, now not only to share and discuss your photos and those of your friends, you can now share videos, play games, organize parties, chat and many things that I have not discovered or that I didn't mentioned yet.

I'm an active user of Facebook, but not only of FB, also of other social networks, because FB only plays a role and it does pretty well. As I mentioned, their role is to share pictures, but not only share and its ok, you can tag your friends in pictures, create albums, organize, etc. Although it has interesting features for me is a bit ... dull.

Now I will compare it with another social network, where I'm very active; it is Plurk. Although It has different functions, I want to mention that Plurk is more entertaining, I mean, you can earn "Karma" and when you get 100 "Karma", you are like a veteran in Plurk, whereas in FB you don't earn anything, you could be considered your friends as points, but I don't see the point in adding people that you didn't know, and consider them like your friends.

I guess on this side, I believe that FB is boring, because there is some competition to reach a level. Also, I must stress that the social networks that I have compared, Plurk and FB, have different functions.

To sum up, FB does what it has to do, a social network to share your memories captured with your camera and comment on such moments, but still missing something that will make it better.

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