Thursday, 2 December 2010

A week holiday break in March

This year a new law been passer in Catalunya that adds a week holiday in the second quarter, in return we start the course a week earlier in September.
That is good news because the second quarter is the longest quarter of the entire school year and this is the one which has got less festivities for students to enjoy a relaxing day apart from the weekends. This week is a good opportunity to relax and re-start the quarter with ne forces that will be useful for students so as not to be so tired mentally and they will be able to study with more agility and they will be able to get better marks.
Besides, the fact that they take us away a week from three consecutive months doesn't affect us too much but that they placed this week in mid-year after many months of study may involve the change between stress and lower marks and relax and better marks.
Despite this, this reform also has negative things.
In Barcelona, the week holiday is in March and a few weeks after it there are Easter holidays, while in the rest of Catalunya this week is in February and therefor the quarter is more streamlined.
Besides, only students and teachers enjoy this week but not parents. If both parents work they have a big problem to deal with their children during the week holiday break.
In brief, I think it is a good measure for students but I wish this week would be more centralized in the quarter and it would be in mid-February instead of March.

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Mireia said...

I think that isn't so good as could sound. I'm sure that this is good to disconnect, but also I'm sure that teachers will send us a lot of homework.
I agree with you in the big problem that could be for parents and I understand why they don't want this week.