Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jordi Lsern Serra, Mayor of Badalona (Desi Her Ram)

Jordi Lsern Serra, Mayor of Badalona

Jordi Lsern Serra was elected Mayor of Badalona during the extraordinary session od Parliament held on Tuesday 8 April 2008.
Born in Badalona on 9 July 1955. Married and father of two children.

He studied primary education in Can Freight and high school and COU in the College Badalona. He studied chemistry.
In this political career he has been coordinator of Advertising and image of the PSC. Since 1996 he has been first secretary of the group of PSC Badalona. Since November 2008 he has been vice president of the National Council of the PSC. He has also served as advisor to the Chairman´s Office of the Provincial Council of Barcelona.

As for his career in the Badalona Town Hall, Jordi Serra was elected alderman in 2003. In this first term as alderman (2003-2007) he was appointed the 8th Deputy Mayor and Councillor of the scope of internal resources. At the head of the council he led the plan to finance municipal wastewater, which could culminate in success, which has meant that at these moments Badalona has got a positive balance in its accounts in 2006 and 2007. He also initiated some council measures that were pineers, such as tax rebates on council tax for single parents.

In this period he was also a member of the Association of Municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Since June 2007, Jordi Serra has been second Deputy Mayor and Councillor of the Departament of Planning and Territory of Badalona and member of the Department of the Infrastructure, Planning and Housing Council of Barcelona.

Jordi Serra was elected Mayor of badalona on Tuesday 8th April 2008, when he took over from Maite Arqué, after the former mayor was elected Senator in the Parliament.

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