Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Patrick Dempsey

Ptrick Dempsey is an american actor. He's a well known celebrity all over the world. He has dark brown hair and wonderful blue eyes. Ptrick Dempsey was born on January 13, 1966, in Lewinston, Main. The youngest of three brothers, his parents raised the children in Buckfield. Patrick, who was daignosed as dyslexic (he has to fully memorize his scripts), attended St. Dominic Regional High School but dropped out before graduating.
He was always interested in entertainment and therefore Patrick studied juggling and entered several competitions. Acting was also natural for him and at the age 15 he was given the role of the rebellious son in a Maine production of "On Golden Pond". Two years later he won a prime role as David, the guy teen, in the Harvey Fierstein play "Torch Song Trilogy", spending several months touring San Francisco with the show. In between he found supplementary gigs dancing and juggling. More opportunities come his way after winning the protagonist role of Neil Simmon's "Brighton Beach Memories" that tourned in 1984.
From that, from an exuberant, somewhat ankward charmer in college comedy films of the late 1980s and early 1990s, he has morphed spectacularly into a dreamy, weavey-haired TV hunk of the new-age millenium and this seductive new image has since spilled off into romantic lead roles back on the large screen as a slightly offbeat, self-effacing Prince Charming type.
After a long collection of hits, Dempsey really nailed the direction he was headed with the medical series "Grey's Anatomy" in 2005, as neurosurgeon Dr. Shepherd, gave distaf audiences the whole heartthrob package.
Patrick is, nowadays, one of the most popular actors around the world.

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