Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Class survey

Dear all,
I'm attending a training course about the project edu1x1 and one of the tasks was to create a survey using google docs. 
Please answer the following survey about the use of English outside the classroom and we'll see if it works. 
We'll comment and check the results in class.

Remember to click the button "Submit" when you finish completing the survey. 



vladimir said...

Why do you need it teacher?

Sònia Turmo said...

It is an assignment for a teacher training course I'm attending.
We were asked to design a survey using the google docs application.

I thought it would be useful to have one about the use of English outside the class. Next year I'll start the batxillerat course with this survey.

Now I basically wanted to know if it works and how it works because I already know all of you quite well.

Thanks to all the people who have responded to the survey.