Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wasichu : "Non indian" or "Whoever takes the best meat for himself"

It's a heavy story of betrayal, disloyalty and crime, about the magnificent indian people. It is related by Aaron Huey, a photographer that lived with the Lakota Indians for 5 years and he could check with his own eyes how the country of freedom is built on the cements of a genocide and crime.

English with subtitles in Spanish and others languages:


vladimir said...

Very good that people are concerned in this kind of problems.
We should speak more about it!
I hope that all will normalise!

David said...

nothing will normalized while the USA no declarate the genocide of Indian and give lands for this persons or leave the continent and help develop one nation for the Indian people. Only is my opinion

Sònia Turmo said...

I reckon the first step is to spread the news so that everybody is aware of it. It's important that people denounce this social injustice openly and publicly. And then, the more people to put pressure on politicians the more chances there will be to solve the problem.
Thank you for your contribution David.