Thursday, 24 March 2011

My perfect job

For me the perfect job is one that makes you feel good and helpful person.
I like the work that allows you to help others to improve their lives. I prefer to work directly with people, not in an office or behind a computer. I like to think I'm improving someone's life just by being there, seeing as the person appreciates and relies on every step that I take because he knows I'm for him. I want people to realize that I will help no matter what happens, I won´t leave them alone and I'll always be there when they need me.
I like that in my work I have personal freedom and I could make certain decisions without I having to see the boss. Despite that, I prefer to work being part of a team so that we can support each other. I think that working alone is very boring and heavy. In contrast, teamwork motivates you more than working alone, that makes you fun and also it makes you have done best moments at work. On the other hand, if you are part of a team you can meet many interesting people. So my ideal job should allow me to meet people through it, by colleagues or by dealing directly with people who need that service.
A good job must make me learn new things every day, it should encourage me to improve everything I do. It should provide challenges that make you think and exploit the potential of the individual.
Besides, I would like to work in an area with good relationships between colleagues and with mutual respect.
Besides, my perfect job is one that keeps you fixed on the job and it makes me I don’t be thinking every day if I will be fired. I prefer a half-day schedule and a job near my house.
Finally and most importantly, I want to enjoy my work and I enjoy every day to be there.
Therefore, I think my ideal job is in medicine.


Vanessa Sanchez said...

Hello! I´m Vanessa =)
Your perfect job is very interesting to me.
I think I like you, and that studying medicine can help people.
It is a profession that demands much effort and sacrifice.
In general, I think that your perfect job is great.
I have a blog, I hope your visit.
Kisses !

Mirella said...

Hello! I´m Mirella and I am from I think that you have the qualities that a person needs to be a doctor. Now I´m studying science bachillerato because I would like to study Biology
and I agree with you the best job is when you can help people. I hope you´ll be a doctor, good luck. Bye.