Monday, 21 March 2011

"Nuclear Boy" Fukushima

After an earthquake, a tsunami and an evacuation, children must be in such a state of shock, that it might not be easy to explain a nuclear accident to them. This is how Japanese people explain to little children what's going on at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

It is very moving to see how the "doctors" are risking their own lives or work at the risk of permanent radiation damage to their bodies. Real modern samurais.

It's been created by the media artist Kazuhiko Hachiya. 

From here, we hope for everyone's quick recovery 
and that everything gets under control soon. 

See the whole article published last Friday in The Wall Street Journal.

Thanks to plusi for the Spanish subtitles and thanks to for the English subtitles.

The original video in Japanese has already been seen by almost one million people.

Vocabulary work:
  1. have stomachache
  2. have an upset stomach
  3. my tummy hurts
  4. stinky poo
  5. It would surely ruin everyone's day if he pooped
  6. fart
  7. to ease his pain
  8. a doctor pays him a visit
  9. it's most important to cool down Nuclear Boy
  10. doctors work around the clock (=work 24 hours 7 days a week)
  11. to make sure he doesn't poo
  12. smelly neighbourhoods
  13. doctors might get sick
  14. it's a risky job
  15. doctors have to take turns


Judith said...

oiiii me god! In my opinion this video is very ugly!!!! I don't like, but in this video is explained very well what happens in Japan. And the vocabulary is important For when you need to find a doctor in London.

Mireia said...

Really good video. It explains what is going on in Japan in a perfect form.
I also like that they have drawn as doctors the heroes who are controlling the central, risking their own lifes.