Thursday, 19 May 2011


Well guys, our time in high school is ending and I just want to say goodbye to everyone. We've grown up together in many aspects and ways, and now it is time to say goodbye and just grow up by ourselves and for ourselves or with different people. Some of us have shared fifteen years of our lives together, some of us have shared six, others two and others just one. But despite this fact, I have to say that I've really enjoyed your company and I hope you've enjoy mine as well. I just hope that we'll remain friends and that we'll celebrate our victories together and that we'll support each other when one of us needs it. As you all know, I've done something as my farewell present for you, so here it is.

The songs are:
“The best years of our lives” – Evan Taubenfeld “Time of our lives” – Tyrone Wells

You can check the lyrics here:
And here:


vladimir said...

It´s really good)))Thank you Mireia)))I was touched, and it was a pleasure to be with all this people, I hope we won´t forget each other and maybe this time, in the future we will be watching this video and will remember all remarcable moments of our school life!!!
Thank you))Things like this shows us that we still have people in our class who feels this collective spirit, and i'm very glad)

Sònia Turmo said...

Oh my God! This is so sweet! You did a very good job Mireia! You all look like models!! I really hope you will have fond memories of your time here in La Pineda. What a collection of beatiful people!!
And I must say the lyrics of the songs you chose are very nice!
I’m very happy to have this video here in our blog!
Thanks!! I wish you all the best!
See you!

Malika said...

WAWWW Mireia!! good job! It has been very exciting, I loved it!!
I will have a good memories of my time in la Pineda, you're very special!
Thanks very much Mireia :)