Thursday, 19 May 2011

Which is the most important thing in you life

Which is the most important thing in our life: a lot of money, good health, close family or an important job
Nowadays people are worried about their life and almost always, they can't choose their priorities. One part of the people is concerned in business and money, others about a good health like M. Jackson for example, someone needs to support and has a close family and there are people who donate their life to their career.
What about money, moneys rule the world, probably it's true. Everywhere we go we use money, credit cards to pay. In the modern world people are considered to raise their bank account. This kind of people think that money will solve all their problems. But in reality, there're things that you can't buy, like health, love, friendship, talent. You can pay a big amount of money to your doctor, but you won't be healthy, you can pay to speak with someone, but you won't buy their respect, and finally you can buy sex, but that woman will hate you even more...A real pleasure doesn't consist of material things.
A close family is something closer to our happiness. A really close family won't let you go alone in your life road; they will always accompany you, even if the society has left you alone. Only your close family will understand you and will give you a real support in your life.
If you like your job, you'll succeed there. But during your career people forget about others and about so many interesting things that make your life colorful, like children, family, parents, your wife/girlfriend...
A real careerist after a 20-year-work will understand that his life has passed and they have nothing to remember. Probably they are rich but they don´t have people on their side. Our ignorance might be painful for people who surround us.
In my opinion, a good health is a very important thing in our life. I wish I had always an excellent health. If you got a good health, you wouldn't have obstacles in your life. The only thing that can stop us is illness, or death. Other things can be overcome by our desires...If I really want something, maybe not now but i will get it!
So, life as a conclusion I would like to say that the most important things are a close family and a good health! I´m happy because I’ve got the first one, let´s see if the second one will be with me during my life.

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Lola Monro said...

There are many things which come in our life such that their can be many things in our life without which we can not live and therefore for more pleasure we have to consider many things in our life.