Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies

Hi guys!
Today I searched talks to practice listening to the test for tomorrow, I've found this talk very interesting.
This talk is about the developmental factors that influce a baby to learn a new language.
It's very interesting to know when we are able to learn many languages ​​and how we develop our brain.
Personally, I'm trilingual since I was little, and I think it's important to learn many languages​​ since we're children, so we have the brain more developed and better able to recognize and learn foreign languages.
It is also interesting the experiments which the researchers did with the children, learning how people affect our learning, we learn more with people than watching tv.
I hope you'll like the video !
See you tomorrow in listening test!


Mireia said...

Very interesting video!
The first thing I thought when I saw little Emma: "God, poor little baby with this enourmous machine in her head!"
Thanks for sharing teacher!

Malika said...

I'm not teacher, I'm Malika!! yes Mireia, poor little baby!!

vladimir said...

Yes, I´ve heard about this. The mental memory of the baby is much more stronger, their brain capture words, gestures and their brain is a kind of a mechanism taht creates a language from pieces.
It´s really surprisingly. I wish I had this kind of memory during me life, and probably my history exam would on on the TOP level)))

Mireia said...

Yeah, I didn't read at the "posted by..."

Sorry Malika :)

Nice post, by the way!