Thursday, 27 October 2011

My typical weekend

I am going to talk about my typical weekend.

My weekend star on Friday afternoons.
When I get home, I explain my parents my day at school.
Then I do a bit of my homework. Then in the evening, I meet my boyfriend and my friends.

On saturdays, I get up later, I sometimes get up early. I like watching TV.
In the mornings I love being with my family. On Saturdays evenings, I meet my friends and
my boyfriend. I hate being in my house. I sometimes go to the mall. In the mornings I love being my family.

On Sundays, I like watchin films on TV or Cinema with my friends or family. In addition I love walking my dog. On Sunday nights, I do the rest of my homework.

My favourite part of the weekends is Saturday morning. Because I love sleeping and watchin TV.

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