Sunday, 23 October 2011

My typical weekend

My weekends start on Friday afternoons. I usually go to Magic with Carla, Susana and Selena. We go to the cinema or shopping.
At ten o’clock I usually go home. When I get home I have dinner and I use internet, facebook and messenger. Then I listen to music.
On Saturday mornings I get up late and I have breakfast. I go to Barcelona with my best friends, Marta and Andrea and we have lunch. We sometimes go to the promenade. I usually go home at nine o’clock.
On Sundays I sleep until twelve o’clock. I get up and I have a shower. I have lunch and I do my homework with a friend. I often watch TV and play computer games.
My favourite part of the weekend is on Saturday when I’m with my best friends Marta and Andrea.

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