Saturday, 26 November 2011

Description - My best Friend

My friend Anna is in the same class as me at school. She's sixteen years old, and she's short. She has brown eyes and she wears glasses, but she usually wears lenses. Her hair is so beautiful...
Her hair is long, straight, lovely, shining and soft. Everybody loves her, and she's the best friend a person can have, you can always rely on her... she's brilliant.

Anna is cheerful, happy, pretty, confident, sensitive, helpful, polite, friendly, sociable, sensible, intelligent, generous... in the main, she's amazing. In fact, she's very intelligent although she thinks otherwise.
When I need it, she always helps me. She loves music and she's always trendy. Also, she dances brilliantly.

She's my best friend and we get on really well, I love her too much. All in all, she's a beautiful person; I never want to lose her.

Everyone should have a friend like her...
By: Joel

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