Thursday, 24 November 2011

An unforgettable holiday

I’ve been to Bora Bora with my best friends Marta and Andrea. We went to a hotel in Motus. As soon as we arrived, I went to the bungalows in the water and we left our bags there.
Then we went to the spa, because we like to relax. Afterwards we went to the beach. Andrea likes to relax and she sunbathed on the beach. Marta and I like active holidays, therefore Marta and I went to swim with dolphins, they are very beautiful. Then we dived. We saw corals, and stingrays. Afterwards we went to feed sharks.
Later, we saw monuments and stone temples, in Anau, Vaitape and Faanui and took photos. Then we bought souvenirs.
Ultimately Marta, Andrea and I went to the hotel and we saw fishes, stingrays, turtles… through the ground glass. We ate mahi mahi and we slept in the bungalow.

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