Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Unforgettable holidays

This summer my family, a friend, Miguel and I went to Germany. We arrived at 18:30 at the hotel. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, Miguel and I went for a walk around the hotel. My family like relaxing holidays but Miguel and I prefer an active holidays.
That night, when we finished dinner, Miguel and I went to the disco. We danced in the disco while two girls ask me " Wie spät ist? (what time is it?). After that, at half past three Miguel and I went to the hotel.
The next day, at five o'clock, we went to museums and saw the Brandenburg Gate. Later, we went to dinner at a restaurant. At the restaurant we ate Bulette and Berlinen Pfannkuchen.
In Germany we saw many monuments, and three of the six night, Miguel and I went to the disco. It was an unforgettable holiday.

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