Sunday, 15 January 2012

"Everyone should learn English"

Nowadays Spain and many other countries begun to force young people to learn English, bacause it is very important fot the future. Moreover many people do not like learning this language. There are Several point to considerer.

On the one hand, anywhere in the world we communicate in English. It is very important in the future because we open the doors to a new job. For example, everywhere we can speak English and we can make friends. Furthermore we learn new cultures.

On the other hand, we forget our language.

in conclusion I think learning a new language is very important and comfortable because it helps to open opportunities. English is very, very important because it is the language of the future. :)


Sònia Turmo said...

Good job Claudia! You are getting better little by little.
Keep working like this!

Claudia.GO said...

Thanks for your colaboration =)

Arshdeep said...

There are some spelling mistakes, it would be nice if you can correct them . SEE ya ^^

By the way great essay