Monday, 16 January 2012

Future Forms

We have the following future forms:
Present continuous 
am/is/are + going to + infinitive
will + infinitive

Read the sentences below and decide which sentence refers to...

  1. an arrangement
  2. a plan or intention
  3. a prediction (based on clear evidence)
  4. a prediction (based on your opinion)
  5. a promise
  6. an offer
  7. a spontaneous decision

My sister is going to buy a car. 
I'll carry that bag for you.  
We are going to get married. 
We are getting married on July 12th. 
I'll have the steak. (at the restaurant)
I think you'll love the film. 
It's going to rain. (the sky is very dark)
I won't tell anybody where you are. 

Can you change the sentences above into the negative form?


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