Wednesday, 25 January 2012


In holidays periods, for example, summer holidays or Christmas holidays, people think about whether to travel to another country or your own country ( in my case Spain). Many people prefer travel to another country. However, currently, there are many people travelling in their own country. As in other things, this topic is a great debate of pros and against things.
For one things, travelling to a foreign country you can learn new cultures and languages. For example, you travel yo Japan to lean a new language, you learn Japanese and Japanese culture. Another example, travelling to European countries like Britain or Germany also allows you to learn languages and see landmarks like Big Ben or the Brandenburg Gate.
The downside of travelling to another country is that it is normally very expensive.
On the other hand, traveling in out own country allows us to learn more our culture and our cities. For example, in summer you can travel to coastal cities and in winter you can travel to nearby cities to ski slopes. The downside of travelling in our country is you can not learn other languages.
In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages of travelling to another country or your country, but I think it is best to travel to another country to learn new cultures and languages.
Andrés Cuenca Ródenas

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