Friday, 20 January 2012

A short story

Today I'm going to share a story I read some time ago (I don't remember in what website). 
The story is short but its very good and I bet you can learn a lot.  I liked it and I hope so do you.

One afternoon a wise arrived in the city of Ajhmed.  People didn't give much importance to his presence and they ignored his teachings. After some time he became  a reason of laughter and derision for the people of the city. 

One day, while he was walking down of the main street of Ajhmed, a group of men and women began to insult him. Instead of pretending that he wasn't listening, the wise man approached them and blessed them.

One man said:
- "Are you also deaf? We shouted horrible things, and you answer us with nice words".

 -"we can only offer what we have  " responded the wise men.

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Sònia Turmo said...

Arsdeep, thank you so much for the story!! I love this stories about wise men or zen masters!