Saturday, 18 February 2012

Jose Consuegra - Advantages and disadvantages of being an only child

I think being an only child has the advantage that you can have all the attention of your parents for you when you’re a child, that could avoid jealousy of one brother to another, being an only child also has the advantage of having more peace and privacy at home and also it avoids the possibility of having to share rooms (something that always brings problems).

But I think there are more advantages than disadvantages because having a brother is a connection with someone that will last forever, if nothing happens he or she is the person who will share forever a bond of union. The advantage as a young child is that you always have someone to play with, and share your concerns, and when you’re adult it’s something like this but different, it can be so useful because you can always share the family problems with someone and if the relationship is good between the two, you'll have a family support forever.

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