Thursday, 9 February 2012

A letter to my friend

Hey Sara ! What's up? How was your trip to Spain? Did you have fun? What about your exams? Did you do well? I'm sure you did an excelent job like in all your former exams. Unfortunatly mine weren't that good. The exams are worse than a day in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with the only company of sharks. I scarcely had time while the exams were still on.

 By the way this Saturday I'm going to a concert and It'll be nice if you can come with me. Maybe the exams will start again within two weeks and a nice concert will probably ease our brains from all the stress. If you decide to come than there's something you should know: almost all the tickets are sold. Therefore I'll have to run and buy a ticket as soon as possible. In the meanwhile you should try to buy your own ticket.

Ah! I almost forgot; Lise is going to come too thought she doesn't even know the name of the group. Yeah I know, its strange to go to a concert without knowing the group's name.By the way , did I mention that the concert will start at half past ten?

I will not allow you, in plain terms, to say no to my invitation. You must come! Take care. See you and keep writing.

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