Monday, 14 May 2012

Grey's anatomy

Grey's anatomy is my favourite programme, it is a medical drama.
This series is about the world of medicine about the relationship of the actors, the love affairs residents, and the relations between the interns.

Cristina, Isobel Stevens and Meredith are interns in the surgery programme in the Seattle Grace Hospital.

Derek, Pretson and Mark Sloan are the residents, they are surgeons.
Àlex Karev and George O'Malley are the interns also in the programme of their friends, their residents is Miranda.

Meredith Grey falls in love with Derek Sheperd, the neurosurgeon. They fall in love and they transvers the ploblems about the love.

Cristina Yang and Preston Burke fall in love and they will get married, but Preston in the ceremony leaves and Cristina gets depressed. After that, she loves an other resident.
Isobel Stevens loves Àlex Karev and her best friend, George, when george gets maried with the resident Callie Torres, Stevens realizes that she really loves George. Finally she has a cancer and she gets maried to Àlex, and George died in a accident.

This TV programme has love, real priblems in the real life... It is the best series about medicine after DR. House.

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