Thursday, 31 May 2012

What if I ask you what's your favourite sport?

A topic that often gets sport fans squabbling is when they are asked to name what they think is the best sport in the world.
There are thousands of sports payed around the world and of course it's difficult to choose just one among all of them. Especially when every sport has its ins and outs. Every sport except one : yoga. 

Developed in an ancient India, yoga is not only a spiritual practise that has been evolving for the last who know how many years but its also one of the few disciplines that has no point against. Along the years lots of sports came but sooner or later they had to leave. However yoga is one of  the few sports which came to stay.

There are many reasons to practise yoga. It can not only improve your physical conditions but it also enriches and enhance your most beloved thing , the one and only : your spirit.
It's a discipline that though meditation helps you to gain a moral asceticism and the physical exercises help you to develop a higher level of conscience and to integrate physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person.
It's true that the benefits are noticeable after a prolonged time. But that's because yoga "repairs" your body from its  roots, from every cell. So it's worth waiting.And if this isn't enough it also increases life expectancy. The fact that by doing it just once a day it influences in your behaviour and mental health is surely its most attractive benefit.

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