Monday, 10 December 2012

A nightmare in the train

It was a Saturday evening. I was going to Barcelona because I needed to buy some clothes for the winter.
I used the train to go. When I entered in the train, I sat near the window. At the second stop, I fell asleep because I was very tired.

I was still sleeping when the train passed for Barcelona. I wake up very far. I wasn't recognizing anything out of the window. The man who was in front of me there was looking at me. I asked him where we were. He answered: "We have already passed Barcelona, we are at Valencia".

I got off the train at the next stop. I hadn't been there never. There was nobody at the station. I was very nervous, I was lost.
Suddenly I wake ip and I was in my bed. I was sweating but I could breathe calmly, I was safe.

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