Monday, 10 December 2012

Description of my house

My home is in the neighborhood of Montigalà. The area is modern and lively. My street is very cramped and peaceful; almost there isn’t traffic or fuss. Also, the street is very convenient for the kids; they play every afternoon without worries.

The house is big and cozy. The living room is comfortable and the kitchen is spacious. There are two bathrooms. My room is the place where I spend more time. In my bedroom I have my computer, my books and my PlayStation. It feels very calm there. In addition, I have an amazing garden. It is the funniest place of the home. There are a table of tennis, a basket and a reveille. There was a table football three years ago, but unfortunately it broke. The garden is perfect for warm summer days. There is light at night too. It is so high that I have played basketball matches with my friends.

However, I don’t like spending much time at home, I like going out and relaxing with my friends. In conclusion, it isn’t a mansion, but it is perfect for me.

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