Thursday, 20 December 2012

Are high-heeled shoes a good idea for the party?

Today fashion is very important in our society. When girls go out, such as going to the disco, girls wear high-heeled shoes. The boys are asking: Why? What for?

It's easy, I wear high-heeled shoes because I'm a short person and I like feeling tall (a little bit). I love high-heeled shoes! but I think that:

When I go to the disco I dress well and I wear my high-heeled shoes (12 cm), I dance, I laugh, I sing, etc. But finally I can't walk because my feet hurt. I get tired of walking on tiptoe and the pain lasts for days. It's horrible. Also, the high-heeled shoes don't let me dance well, I can't walk quickly and sometimes you can twist the ankle.

On the other hand, wearing high-heeled shoes has advantages, for example, you look pretty and sexy. For short people it's good, you feel tall! Also, it's fashionable and elegant. The high-heeled shoes stylize the woman's body.

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