Friday, 7 December 2012

Barcelona To Berlin

I remember a few months ago when I travelled from Barcelona to Berlin by train. My journey wasn't as good as expected.

I was very anxious and happy when I arrived at the train station, but when the manager informed me that the train had already left I got uptight and I didn't know what to do. Then I asked at reception about the next train. Fortunately there was another train which was leaving for Berlin in six hours. That was indeed very good news. I briskly asked for a ticket for that train. I felt very relieved when the new ticket was in my hand.

I had been waiting in the station for hardly one hour when the train arrived. I jumped from the chair I was sitting on and I went toward the train with all my luggage.
I had several bags in each hand, that's why it was hard to move with agility. While I was trying to get in the train I got my elbow hurt very  badly. Despite my elbow's bad condition I somehow managed to get into the train.

There was a very sophisticated atmosphere inside the train: latest furniture, high-class food...... everything was very organised. I never imagined such an elegance in a train which only cost 75 €. That was  simply mind-blowing. I was still utterly amazed by the train when a man broke into the train and said to me: " Miss, Can I see your ticket please?" .
"Sure" I answered to him.  I put my bags down and sat in one of the sofas. The sofa was very fluffy and also very comfortable. I gave my ticket to the man. He looked quite surprised and so was I when he said: "Miss, I think you made a mistake. This is not your train".
It was too good to be true.

I got of the train and I went toward one of the benches in the station. The train left. While I was waiting for my train to come I got hungry so I decided to eat something. There were  some fast- food  restaurants in front of the station and I went in one of them.
It was late night so there wasn't any crowd in there. I ordered some pasta and they brought it to me immediately. It looked rotten but I was too hungry to think about it. Also I was feeling a little dizzy so I just ate it without thinking. That thing was the most tasteless dish I 've ever eaten in my life. But as an axiomatic truth i knew that, that was the only food I could expect from a such a place.

One by one the hours passed and finally my train arrived. I felt so grateful when I finally sat on my seat. My train wasn't as much impressing as the other one. Actually it was quite obnoxious, but I was too tired to think about it so I just closed my eyes and slept.

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