Thursday, 22 November 2012

My bedroom

My favorite place in the house is my bedroom because it’s the room that I spend more time in. When I was young I shared the bedroom with my little brother, but now I have my own room. The room is near the bathroom and the livingroom.

My bedroom is spacious and warm. There is a big window. Ther walls are painted in blue and white, and there is a big yellow smile that I painted, under the smile there is a mirror that I use to look at myself before I go out. My bed is so big, so I sleep very well, infront  of the bed there is TV wich is such a convenient thing because I can watch TV in the bed. When I wake up I turn on the radio to get up in a good mood and I start dancing in the morning. The desk is so big up there, there is a telephone and the computer. In one wall I have a photo mural with presents and photos. The closet i cramped but I don’t mind because I have no got many clothes, but I have a lot of shoes.

I love my bedroom!!! Because I feel confortable when I’m in there.


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Cleaning tips said...

Nice structure of your bedroom! I love such king of facilities also and keeping Tv. and radio that's great for you.I read that u do dance.This is the better idea to keep our body fit.Thanks for sharing your ideas without any hesitation.Thanks a lots1