Monday, 10 December 2012

Description of a house

When i was little i lived in a big house, the house was so convenient beacause it was near the shops and the supermarket and also i had a very close tube station.
From the outside of the house it seemed small but when you walked into the house you see that it wasn't small.
The house had two floors, on the ground floor was the living room, where we used to watch tv,  there was also the kitchen, where it was the door which you could go to the garden, in the garden there was a swimming pool and sunbeds for sunbathing in the summer.

Upstairs there were all the bedrooms, my bedroom was in the end of the hall and i had my own bathroom, but it was a little small. Next to my bedroom there were the rooms of my brother and my parents.
I loved my house, it was such a comfortable place, and i would love to live there now!

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