Monday, 10 December 2012

A nightmare journey

One of my nightmare journeys was two years ago, on july of 2010.
That year i was going to Valencia with my three friends on holiday.
We were going to take a bus at first, to take us to the train station, but one of my friends was late to the bus stop and we couldn't catch the bus. Then we have to call a taxi to take us to the train station on time.
When we took the taxi all seemed well, we had plenty of time until the train left. But when we arrived at the street of the train station we saw a huge traffic jam!. There were a lot of cars and the taxi couldn't move.
We had to get out of the taxi and we run to the train station.We had a lot of bags but we ran as much as we could.
When we arrived at our train platform, the train wasn't there, then we become very sad and angry, but suddenly a man told us that the train wasn't gone but was delayed!
After so much running we had to wait for the train for half and hour!

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