Monday, 10 December 2012

Do you think that school holidays are too long?

Nowadays, in Catalonia school holidays last forthree months. Possibly some people think that it is too long, and other people think that it isn’t long enough, but, in my opinion, the course is very hard and it’s necessary to have long holidays. When we were younger than now, we went to “esplais” and “casals”, very educational sites and very important for our relations with other people. If the holidays had been shorter, people wouldn’t have done their hobbies in these “esplais”. I wish I could return to those times, it was brilliant.

Now, holidays are a good time to revise some things from the last course, to read a book or to improve the contents of the next course. Also, young people can search employment at this time. A lot of teenagers use it to work in some shop or company. It’s fantastic to earn your own money. You can use it to buy clothes, to go to the disco or to donate money to charity.
If people want to work in summer, they can do a lot of other activities; never activities of vandalism of course.
Furthermore, if we are relaxed on holidays, next we will work better at school, with more motivation.

To sum up, we need the holidays for to rest and enjoy, or to do other activities that we don't do at school like working.
They can change the duration of summer holidays as long as the winter holidays last more time. Unless they change it, it’s irrational that summer holidays last less that now.

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nft said...

Great site with great health tips!After reading this stuff i recalled my past life when i used to go to school.Long holiday is good for student because its better time to revise all homework and prepare for examination.