Saturday, 8 December 2012

The situation of Spain

At present, in Spain we have a very important problem which is called crisis.
When one spanish person turn on the television it is the first piece of news that he can see.
In my view, yes, crisis is important and... Spain will get out of this crisis as long as we join and fight for this!.
Moreover, we have other problems, politicians, well not all.
I think that theta don't do anything for Spanish people!, most  families are being evicted every day, and if politicians don't do anything to stop this, poverty will increase.
I'm outraged!, apart from that, unemployement is also increasing and as a consequence people can't pay their mortatge and homelessness also rises.
But, what is more outragerous is that we must rescue banks that they are in my opinion those who have deceived Spanish people!
It is certainly true that we are in bad conditions and I wish it hadn't started, but as far as, I'm concerned that is not too late to fight for our rights and our future, because that is what is at stake, our future.

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