Monday, 10 December 2012

A narrative

One day, when I waswalking on the street, I met an old man, who said to me "Hey, son, I came from fifty years from now! If you don't follow my instructions, you will die today!"
When he said that, I was amazed, and shocked. What the hell was this crazy old man saying to me? Well, I didn't have anithing to do at the moment, so I decided to listen to him. He told me about this day, and he said that my death, like the death of all the people of the world, was an uncertain probability, but this day the probability had risen with no reason. "What have you done today?" He asked me. "Nothing special. I broke a mirror, I saw a black cat, and a wizard put me a curse." "You think about it as a normal situation?" He was impressed. I don't think it's pretty much the big thing. "Well, the mirror is new." I comented. After a while, he arrived to a conclusion: My bad luck was the main cause of my early death.
"To solve your bad luck, you need to travel to the far land of Phantomia, and kill the dragon who sleeps in the highest tower of that land. But you can only kill the dragon with the sacred sword of the fairies, so you first should..." "Stop it, stop it." I interrupted him "It's too much work for one person alone. Gotta know something? I preffer to die than do all of that amount of work." After that, I left, letting the old man alone, confused by my answer.
The next day, I was still alive, when someone knocked the door. It was the old man again. He was sweating, and he said with a fast speech "I... I know what happened! It's only a miscalcula..." I closed the door before he could finish the phrase. When I opened the door again, the old man wasn't here. And I never saw him again.

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