Monday, 7 January 2013

What adds to job satisfaction?

The Guardian newspaper recently sent out a questionnaire to its readers on the subject of work and careers and received more than 11,000 replies. In one section, aspects of work which might contribute to job satisfaction were listed and readers were asked to say how important they were.

Working with a partner, consider the 15 points below and put them in order of importance.

What adds up to job satisfaction?
How important are each of the following to you in providing you with job satisfaction?

·        Challenge
·        Meeting people through work
·        Security
·        The respect of colleagues
·        Working conditions
·        Status in your organization
·        Learning something new
·        Personal freedom
·        Being part of a team
·        Exercising power
·        Helping other people
·        Being praised by your superiors
·        Social status
·        Being promoted
·        Making money

When you have finished, compare your results with those of another pair. 

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