Thursday, 31 October 2013

An important person

Claudia Garcia is my cousin and one of my close friends, too. We are both sixteen and we have got on really well our whole life. She lives in Castelldefels, so I see her very often.

Claudia is a stylish girl and she sometimes wears smart clothes. In fact, she has never been scruffy. She is very easy-going and a fun person. Also, if I have a problem, she tries to help and advice me, and that's really kind of her.

My cousin is really into dancing, although she hasn't got much time to do it because of the school. Like me, she loves playing the guitar, so we regularly play together. At the moment we are learning to play one song called "Hey soul sister" and we are very excited.

Even though we sometimes argue, we solve our problems quickly because we don't like to be angry. She is like my sister, we have lots in common and we will never separate us.

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