Thursday, 31 October 2013

My personal profile

Hi! My name's Ona and I'm sixteen years old. I'm from Spain and I live with my parents and my sister in Badalona. I've lived there for my whole life and I speak Catalan, Spanish and a little English.

In my free time I like playing the guitar, watching films and getting together with my close friends. We're all really into music, so we sometimes go to concerts along. I also like going to the beach in the summer because I love getting tanned and swimming in the sea.

At the moment I'm studying A levels in IES La Pineda, in Badalona. Also, I'm studying German after school, and I think it's more difficult than English.

Are you studying any language right now? What are you doing? I would like to hear from you.


David Garcia said...

Oh my god Ona, Fantastic!!!

thais said...

Oh my god! Your life it's perfect Ona. I like your hobbies. Yes, at the moment I am studiyng English.
Goodbye Ona!

Haider said...
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Lydia Romera said...

Amazing! I would like talk many of languages like you! I think that German is a difficult language also.