Thursday, 31 October 2013

A personal profile. Sandra López

Hello! Good morning! :)
My name is Sandra López, and I have a brother, his name is Cristian and he is 21 years old.
I love animals, they are so adorable and very cute, my mom said that if I could do it my way I would have a zoo in my house.

And love music, I can not live without music. And I write when I'm sad, I express mu feelings in poetry writing. I also like drawing I went to the gym this summer, but now I can not go as I'd like, but I go running sometimes, I like sports, they make me feel good.
I am personally quite shy at times, but when I have confidence and I am outgoing and extrovert.
And you, how would you describe yourselves?


David Garcia said...

Very good sandra, i like music too

thais said...

Your life it's perfect Sandra. I like the animals too. Goodbye!

Navjot Kaur said...

Ohh what a beautiful picture!!!

mehmoona arbab said...

Waoo!! Sandra you like to do alot of things. It's very nice.